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The aim of this project is to disseminate scientific work and discoveries to a wide audience through social media, web pages, podcasts and other available routes. The project will use diverse journalism methods to approach and communicate various scientific discoveries.


Public interest in scientific work and discoveries is growing. At the same time, new technologies are constantly improving our abilities to access and share information through a diverse range of media outlets. To keep up with these developments, it is important for researchers to explore a wide variety of options for sharing their work with the public. This communication is crucial, not only to raise awareness of ongoing research, new ideas and exciting discoveries, but also for stakeholder collaboration and potential funding of future studies. Indeed, the recent increase in fake news highlights the importance of scientific dissemination to a wide audience.   


This project will use video, sound, pictures and/or text to report important marine biology studies to a wide audience. Some of the studies are described briefly here, here and here, while some video sequences covering experimental work are available here and here. The student will be given access to a large amount of available material, ranging from text, screenshots and high-quality pictures to video footage from aerial and underwater drones. The successful applicant(s) will be expected to demonstrate creativity and independence in order to edit the raw material and explore novel ways of sharing the outcome with the public. Additionally, the student is welcome to join various field work trips undertaken by DTU Aqua. This gives the student opportunities to experience scientific data collection first-hand and to acquire additional material for scientific dissemination. Participation in the field work is preferred, but not mandatory, as there is already sufficient material available from previous studies for the student to report on.


The duration of the dissemination project can be tailored to the time schedule of the student, but project duration must be at least 3 months. The project is large enough to accommodate 2-3 students. Projects may last anywhere between 3-12 months.



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Interests in dissemination, social media and journalism

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