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Lodam products are used in many different applications around the world. This means that the same product may see very different operation patterns and be exposed to various climatic conditions in the field. To continue making reliable and robust products it is important to make an accurate mission profile for the product. Part of making the profile is to obtain real life data from as many different sources as possible. With the objective to obtain these data, this project should develop a field logger, which can be mounted inside the cabinet in various Lodam products and log environmental data and optional operation data retrieved from the system.

Project description
• Hardware design of compact and low-cost field logger module comprising: 
-  Low power microcontroller design  - Sensor technology – temperature, humidity, shock and vibration 
- Coin cell battery 
- Communication Interface, e.g. UART, USB, Bluetooth LE or LORA 
- Memory for data log 
The hardware design will be challenged by extreme environmental operating conditions, low power and compact design. 

• Optional embedded software development for above described field logger module with special attention on reuse of Lodam’s standard software components, low power and algorithms for data compression. 

• Optional IOT concept design comprising communication module to upload data to a central server. This communication module may be a separate module based on a standard hardware platform and will only be deployed on a very limited number of products. 

The extend of the project is expected to be more than one student project. Therefore, the scope and main focus of the student project can to some extent be adjusted to fit interest and competences of the student.

Further information Please contact Henrik Skrydstrup Schmidt (Lodam employee) by email: or by phone: +45 73 42 37 37.

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