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Blackbird is a world leading company within data collection on production lines and data visualisation. We offer a unique opportunity in form of project collaboration or internships to top students whom are eager to apply their skills on real problems.

Project proposal

Blackbird offers products that monitors the through put of a production line and analyse the up/down time. Stop causes and stop durations are collected to analyse the problems on a specific production line. Furthermore, the system holds meta data of work shifts and product batches. The project collaboration allows you to solve one or more of the following tasks:

·        Investigate how machine learning can be used to predict the next stop on a production line and compare the result to using classical prediction tools.

·        Use machine learning to analyse correlation between work shifts, product batches, stop causes and line speed etc. to identify which parameters can be tuned to achieve the “golden batch”.

·        Investigate if machine learning and AI could be used to create a virtual production manager who can tell the operators and technicians on the production line what to do.

We will provide the data, collaboration companies and help from our expert team of engineers.  


Your educational background is within Electrotechnology, Software, Mathematical modelling, Digital Informatics, Process technology or similar education with strong skills in math and data processing. Furthermore, you must aim high, be curious and have a high personal drive.
We prefer internships with a time dedication equivalent to 1 semester full time. There is the possibility to continue as paid student assistant after the internship.


Please submit your application to
Deadline of application is 15 January 2018.
Interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis.

Project collaboration period

We jointly agree on the project period but we expect this period to be in the Spring of 2018.
The estimated minimum project period is minimum 4 months.


For more information contact Peter Savnik, Automation Project Manager, /  Tel : 24 91 70 83 or Finn Hunniche, Partner, / Tel : 40 41 95 31.

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