Master's thesis project - Designing and assessing Circular Economy building structures and facades


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Are you looking for a master's thesis project begining after the summer of 2019? Are you interested in circular economy within building design? Do you have experience with life cycle assessment and would like to learn more about how to assess circular economy within building design as part of your master's thesis project? Want to work alone or with a fellow student?

We have previously had great experience with co-supervising students together with DTU in relation to a research project we are currently doing with the Danish conctractor MT Højgaard, The Danish Building Research Institute and The University of Southern Denmark on how to implement circular economy into the building industry.

We are now looking for a team of new student with life cycle assessment experience who are interested in answering questions regarding which circular design principles and variants are the most circular in terms of building structures and facades. You will be working with circular principles such as flexibility/adaptability through design for disassembly and modularity as well as recycling and bio-based materials. 

You will be collaborating with national and international actors from the research community and building industry. 

Instead of writing a master's thesis report you will be given the oppotunity to co-writing a journal article which will be submitted to an established scientific journal within the field.

See the 1 page project description or contact me for further information. 


Life cycle assessment competences required

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