Modelling flow of liquid cast iron in a continuous casting plant




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Continuous casting is one of the most important steps in manufacture of semi-finished metal products.

Tasso A/S in Odense produces 20.000 ton cast iron bars that are later machined for use in in a wide range of products.

In continuous casting liquid metal is poured into a water cooled mould in which the metal cools and begins to solidify. The intense cooling in the mould creates a solid shell containing a core of liquid metal. The strand with the shell and liquid core is pulled out of the mould at the same rate as fresh metal is poured into it (right hand side on the figure below).

The process is highly efficient when it comes to producing large quantities of high quality strands and slabs of steel, iron Cu and other alloys that are used for production of tools, dies and many other industrial components. However, it is based on a delicate balance between the flow of liquid metal into the mould and the rate of cooling around the mould to ensure that impurities are not dragged with the melt into the system or that the solid shell becomes too thin to support the liquid core when it exits the mould.

Experiments in production are complex and expensive, and it is a type of process where numerical process models can be successfully applied to investigate the effect of varying process parameters on the quality of the finished product.

The aim with this project is to create models that can be used to investigate several aspects of the continuous casting process such as effect of cooling on solidification of the cast billet, and melt flow and turbulence in the ladle during production.

We look for students with an interest process modelling and process analysis, who are also interested in industrial co-operation.

The project will be carried out in co-operation with the process- and quality engineers at Tasso.

About Tasso A/S

Tasso is an international focused company and one of Europe’s leading producers of continuous cast iron bars. The company exports more than 90% of the production. The customers are found in the wind turbine industry, hydraulic industry, pump- and compressor industry plus many more.

 Tasso is specialised in the entire process of manufacturing continuous cast iron bars, including casting, heat treatment and pre-machining. We have all necessary know-how and facilities in-house to perform our scope of supply. Tasso is also ready to assist customers in terms of advice on choosing the most appropriate material and in logistics service. Choosing Tasso as your supplier means:

 ·         Specialised knowledge about continuous cast iron bars

·         High level of quality and service

·         Delivery on time

 Tasso's continuous cast iron bars are made from recycled steel scrap and pig iron. Before casting, the material undergoes a careful preparation process of chemical analysis and adjustment to meet the requirements for the final cast iron bar.

 Tasso is advanced in the use of industrial IoT. We work together with highly skilled data scientists to analyse and learn from the data we collect in each step of the manufacturing process. The aim is to continuously improve on our product quality and productivity.

 Tasso has a high focus on sustainability.

 For more information please visit

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