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ExSeed Health is looking for a student with flair for Sensors and IoT


Exseed Health is a start-up company that specializes in the development of medical devices and mobile applications. At the moment, we are focusing on treating male infertility and introduce a state-of-the-art device that allow men to test their sperm quality from the comfort of their home. The device is able to detect sperm concentration and motility by simply inserting a glass that contains the sample and then putting a smartphone on top.


Project Description

We are aiming to develop our existing device with a more sophisticated version that will not require the use of the camera of the phone but will have all the electronic parts embedded into the device for better quality results. The new device should have an autonomous processor, an image sensor and a focus lens and should be able to connect wirelessly to a mobile phone, which will perform the image processing itself, or connect to a cloud solution.



The task involves hands-on work to develop the image sensor and integrate it in an existing optics system while enabling it to communicate with a computer via USB and a smartphone using Wi-Fi.

The tasks will include:

-          Optimization on the interplay between image sensor and wireless/USB connection

-          Building and designing print boards and the processor

-          Making 3D printed mock-ups of the final product

-          Being involved in testing on biological samples

-          Ongoing communication with the software analysis team on video quality for the analysis.

-          Being a part of a team with skilled persons from various backgrounds.


The project can be part of a master’s thesis, a special course or an internship. The duration can be discussed, but the goal is to find a student that could transition to a stable part of the team.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Emil Andersen                                                                                           Michael Pavlou

CSO & Co-Founder                                                                                      Lifestyle Program Manager | +45 53 32 10 12                                           | +45 91 85 83 08


ExSeed Health ApS

Prags Boulevard 80

2300 Copenhagen S



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