Compressed Sensing for CW Radar Signals




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Current systems in Weibel transmit a continuous signal with a constant frequency. Any object in the beam will reflect the incoming wave with a frequency shift that is proportional to its velocity and the carrier frequency (Doppler shift). Typically, the radar observes scenes where only a few objects are moving. Hence, the resulting measurement consists of only a few frequencies and the resulting signal is sparse in the Fourier domain.

By the Nyquist criterion for Fourier analysis, it is necessary to sample this signal at a high enough rate to reveal all its frequency content. In contrast however, for such sparse signals, the theory of Compressed Sensing promises the possibility to reconstruct the signal in a near perfect way through sub-Nyquist sampling. This possibility allows to lift pressure on the hardware coming from the high sampling rate.

Compressed Sensing is a powerful mathematical tool for any form of signal (speech, radar, images) which has a sparse representation in a basis.

The goals of this project are as follows. The student(s) will/should:

  1. learn and understand the mathematics of compressed sensing.
  2. do a literature study
  3. learn and understand when compressed sensing can be applied and to what purpose(s) it can be used. Especially, why and how it is possible o apply this theory in certain radar situations.
  4. implement their own compressed sensing algorithm in e.g. MATLAB, possibly using existing functions.
  5. Apply the algorithm to simulated and real radar data in order to test, verify, and find limitations of the compressed sensing algorithm.    

Contact Person
Mads Sielemann Jakobsen
Phone: +45 4816 9343

Practical details
Place of work: Weibel HQ and/or place of study.

Birte Kronbak Andersen is not the project supervisor, she just put the project idea in the Project Bank for Weibel. But a supervisor can most likely be found at DTU Space.

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The student should have knowledge of minimization algorithms and of the Fourier Transform.

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