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Bornholmerhampen is a newer company from Bornholm, which produces food from organic industrial hemp, and as the first in Denmark we have had our hemp tea approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, in addition to the hemp tea, we also produce hemp seed oil and hemp flour. We have a great focus on sustainability in every sense, in addition to the hemp itself being good for climate and environment, it is organic, locally produced and processed. In addition, hemp is a super healthy and not least tasty food. Since the hemp with its great growth of leaves absorbs large amounts of CO2 during the growing season and furthermore leaves the farmer's soil nourished, it also goes under the name of climate-friendly food.

Our big challenge in relation to the hemp tea is to harvest the hemp leaves fast enough. The harvest of hemp leaves has been done manually during the first two seasons (it hardly becomes more sustainable), however, too much costly working hours has been spent on the actual picking of the leaves, after the picking follows the post-processing, which consists in sorting, drying, crushing and packing the hemp tea. On drying, there is a shrinkage of up to 90% of the weight of the harvested leaves, ie. that many leaves must be harvested before having 1 kg of sales goods.

We therefore want to find a more efficient harvesting method, however, it must not be too costly. We are thinking of a partly mechanized harvesting method, where we can partly save on people in the field, for example from 8 to 3 people, and partly on time, ie. that one day of harvest can be cut down from 7 to 2-3 hours. Since the hemp leaves should be dried the same day they are harvested, we would not be able to keep up with the drying if the whole field was harvested at once.

The challenge therefore consists in constructing a tool that can rip the individual plant for leaves and at the same time collect these in sacks in an efficient manner. The stems, which are very rich in fiber, can either be harvested along the way or left behind, depending on the harvest method.

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