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Water quality control is important for all kinds of aquaculture systems. Water quality can be improved by various treatments and evaluated by use of reliable monitoring tools and analysis.  A number of well-known chemical parameters are measured on a regular basis, however less focus have been devoted to monitoring of microbial water quality. We recently developed a new and simple assay that can assess the microbial activity in water samples very fast. Compared to traditional measures of biological oxygen demand over 5 days (BOD5) this assay can be made in less than 2 hours (~ BOD0.1).

More research is required to document and further develop this new method, and several research topics can be of relevance. These include but are not limited to:

Study A: Investigations of the potential effects of storage conditions on microbial activity. Here it is interesting to test if storage (-time) of water samples a -20 °C, 5 °C or room temperature affects the enzyme activity. The outcome of this project will be of relevance for future sampling programs and can be combined with other relevant parameters.

Study B: Use the method to quantify the effects of a given treatment (severe disinfection, use of clay, foam fractionation or another treatment) on the microbial activity in treated and untreated water samples.

Study C: Apply and modify the assay to evaluate bacterial colonization on surface.

Study D: Use the method to monitor evolution / succession of controlled microbial communities in mesocosmos trials

Study E: Investigate microbial activity diurnal patterns and sink/sources in a commercial aquaculture system.

Study F: Develop the method for plate readers or by us of a hydrogen peroxide sensor.

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