Solar Power and Production of Fuel for Domestic Use




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The aim of this project is to design and develop a polygeneration plant prototype based on solar power and solid oxide cells. The plant basically may consist in a group of dish-Stirling units producing power from solar radiation supported by a storage system consisting of reversible solid oxide fuel cells (RSOFC). When the radiation is high, a share of the power produced by the dish-Stirling units is used in the RSOFC to produce hydrogen (electrolysis mode). On the other hand, when the radiation is low, the produced hydrogen will be fed back into the RSOFC to produce additional electricity (fuel cell mode). For the electrolysis model, it is necessary to feed the RSOFC with steam which is generated by installing a parabolic solar through collector (PTSC). Furthermore, the proposed system takes the advantage of generating heat in a storage cycle, and thereby uses it for sea-water desalination by a set of direct contact distillation membranes. Some important points of such renewable system can be mentioned as:

  • Thanks to the storage system, a high degree of flexibility in power production can be achieved which is advantageous for balancing the power network.

  • The system does not consume any external fuel and therefore it is self-sufficient.

  • The combination of electricity and fresh water production from solar radiation suit perfectly

Different plant design shall be proposed and analyzed.

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