Production of liquid or gaseous fuels from biomass




Greater Copenhagen area

Liquid fuels: Fischer-Tropsch fuels, synthetic gasoline, DME, methanol
Gaseous fuels: ammonia (NH3), synthetic natural gas (SNG), hydrogen
The thermochemical production of a liquid or gaseous fuel from biomass consists of several sub processes. The most important are: 1. gasification of biomass, 2. gas conditioning, 3. synthesis of the liquid or gaseous fuel, 4. separation of the fuel from by-products and unconverted gas.
Many of these processes will produce waste heat which can be used for electricity and heat production.
In order to evaluate the thermodynamic performance of a fuel production plant, these processes needs to be modeled in the relevant detail.
In this project the production of a liquid or gaseous fuel is modeled, analyzed and optimized in DNA and/or Aspen Plus. The energy efficiency for the conversion of biomass to fuel (+ electricity + heat) is calculated. The project will be carried out at the MEK-TES section.
Project Identifiers: MEKTES, MEKTESBRF, LACL

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