Micro CHP based on SOFC and Gas Engines




Greater Copenhagen area

With ever increasing demands for more efficient power generation and distribution the goal of providing an efficient small to medium generators (about 5-200 kW) suitable for domestic use is the focus of this research. This study therefore describes an analytical model of a hybrid fuel cell-gas engine generator. The model generator quantifies the benefits of the significant symbiosis to be had from two interesting technologies, SOFC and gas engines._x000D_ Project Identifiers: MEKTES, MEKTESFCS, MEKTESAPP

Small gas engines (such as Stirling Engine) have reached the commercialization phase while SOFC stacks may soon enter such phase. It would be interesting to develop combined SOFC – gas engines for micro CHP to be used in the houses, malls, hospitals, etc. Such a hybrid plants provides en electrical efficiency of up to 60%, which is rather effective for its size. Due to high electrical efficiency the emissions would be less than other conventional CHPs for houses. Different plant design will be proposed and analyzed. Plants efficiency, plant performance as well as thermoeconomy shall be investigated.

During the course of the study a model of gas engine may be developed in our in-house code and then different plant design shall be proposed.

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