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This is a project within "Sensometrics". Sensometrics is the name for applying and developing statistics for the analysis of human perceptual measurements. These are used in food and  many other industries for product development. PerBB developed methods and software during 25 years:
  • Many projects with national and international companies
  • Sharing open source softwares online (and training podcasts)
  • PanelCheck
  • ConsumerCheck
  • R-packages sensR, ordinal, lmerTest, SensMixed, mumm

Possible project elements:

•   The R-package sensR is used for data from so-called discrimination and
similarity experimental data

•        Binomial data analysis and mixed model extensions

•        It will be the main software package for a new edited book on the topic (2017)

•        It covers many situations but NOT all relevant ones yet

•        Power and sample size functions for various settings have been implemented

•        Power and sample size functions for REPLICATED settings are missing. Idea for how to
do this:

–       Replicated analysis is carried out by:

•        Estimate the parameters of the corrected beta-binomial model by ML

•        Get the d-prime and the confidence interval from this

–       Make a simulation based power function in sensR for the model and procedure sketched above.

–       Based on such a power function, one could then make the sample size function

–       And still:  these things would have to somehow include BOTH the average level AND the dispersion and that will add an additional complexity to the whole thing

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