Electrocatalyst investigation for CO2 reduction into sustainable fuels




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This project will deal with characterisation of potential catalyst materials for CO2 electroreduction for production of sustainable fuels.

Electroreduction of CO2 is emerging as a promising technology for producing carbon-neutral high energy density fuels.  Carbon capturing and sequestration is receiving substantiel attention for reducing CO2 emission from point sources such as fossil fuel power plants. Ideally, the captured CO2 could be stored, and reduced into fuels through electrolysis when excess renewable electricity is available.The reality, however, is not that simple. Only a few known materials can catalyse CO2 reduction. The main improvements needed are lowering energy losses, increasing selectivity towards only a few, preferably liquid products, and mitigating hydrogen evolution as a competing reaction. Therefore, a lot of research is carried out in order to find materials that can fulfil these criteria. In this project, the student will carry out electrochemical characterisation of potential electrocatalyst materials and use various techniques, such as gas chromatography, In situ IR,  and NMR spectroscopy, to analyse reaction products.

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MSc in Physics and Nanotechnology


Ib Chorkendorff


MSc thesis, Special course

Technical University of Denmark

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