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To use optical measurement techniques on large scale experiments, one needs to rethink the seeding. A well-known methods is the Helium-Filled Soap Bubbles (HFSB). The challenge when used with the PIV measurement technique is to produce very large amounts of bubbles and introduce them in the flow without disturbing the flow too much.

A great feature of the HFSB technic is that it allows the user to ‘by-eye’ see what is happing in the flow. This helps the understanding and is great for visualization of large scale flows.

The HFSB technic has recently been used with difference optics measurement technics to investigate the aerodynamics around e.g. Tom Dumoulin (pro-cyclist, winner of the GIRO17) and for optimization of car design.

This project will test different design strategies for creating HFSB. The objective is to make a nozzle design combining flows of helium, soap solution and possibly assisting air. One should be able to combine a large amount of nozzles to cover a larger inlet area to e.g. a wind tunnel test section.


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Knud Erik Meyer




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BSc in Mechanical Engineering


Knud Erik Meyer


BSc project, MSc thesis

MSc in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Knud Erik Meyer


BSc project, MSc thesis

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