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General health and in particular mental health amongst young has become of increasing topic of interest. For example, the latest report from the Danish Health Authorities (Sundhedsstyrelsen) found that for Danes, “health is moving in the wrong direction“. There are significant problems with obesity, mental health, stress, smoking, and alcohol intake amongst in particular young people. This has spun significant political debate regarding the mental health amongst students.

CampusLife (which is a continuation of the StudentLife project)  is the name of an international collaboration which also involves universities from the US, the UK and EU. The aim is to create a peer-to-peer setup in which students help students enabled by technology.

The purpose of this project is to built a general-purpose health survey platform/tool for health in general. A core part of this project is to establish:

  • Which health parameters to assess. These could include physical health (physical activity, BMI, heart-rate, …); mental health (stress, mood, anxiety, …); drug & alcohol; social network and relationships; etc.
  • How to assess them. This could include phone-based sensors (e.g. step counters), phone apps (e.g. for sleep monitoring), wearables (e.g. smart watches), questionnaires, surveys, etc.

This project will built upon the CACHET Research Platform (CARP) and an important part of the project is to help develop, use, and test CARP. The CARP backend is done in Spring Boot (i.e. Java EE) and the CARP phone sensing part is done in Flutter (i.e. Dart). These are hence the technologies you will work with.

  • Thesis type: Software implementation with a small user study.
  • Technical skills: Requirement analysis; UX design, system software design, software implementation in spring and flutter; Usability evaluation.
  • Research skills: Software Engineering; Human-Computer Interaction; Ubiqutous Computing.

In collaboration with

Copenhagen Center for Health Technology



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