Scatterometry for inline characterization of diffraction gratings




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What is offered: A highly industry relevant master project in collaboration with Ibsen Photonics A/S and DFM A/S. Your role will be to assist with the development of an optical measurement system and test it extensively in grating production at Ibsen Photonics.

About the project: The measurement system suggested is based on scatterometry. In scatterometry the structure of a diffraction grating is reconstructed by comparing the light scattered from the grating with computer simulations. This technique is very fast and non-destructive - both abilities are desirable for testing at the production line. Scatterometry is already a well-established technology within the semi-conductor industry and sold by by big companies such as KLA-Tencor and ASML. DFM has demonstrated that the technology can be used to measure nanostructures in a wide range of materials used in the optical and injection molding industry. The project will evaluate the scatterometry technology as a tool for quality control of the gratings produced by Ibsen Photonics. During the project you will be working with both experienced and newly graduated researchers as well as industrial engineers and technicians. You will be able to apply your knowledge from the university directly in an evolving industry.

What is expected: An eager and capable master student ready to get hands-on experience from the industrial sector. Experience with experimental physics, simulation and optimization, optics and programming will be helpful, but are not a strict requirement.

About Ibsen Photonics: Ever since being established in 1991, Ibsen Photonics has been the leader in fused silica transmission gratings with main products today including phase mask, telecom gratings, pulse compression gratings and spectrometer gratings.

About DFM A/S: DFM (Dansk Fundamental Metrologi) is the national Metrology institute of Denmark. DFM develops and provides calibration services at the highest accuracy level in Denmark for a range of metrology areas. DFM has over a decade of experience with scatterometry for dimensional measurements at the nanoscale and is actively refining it to fit new industrial sectors.

In collaboration with

DFM A/S, Ibsen Photonics

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DTU Nanolab


Rafael J. Taboryski




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MSc in Engineering, Photonics Engineering


Rafael J. Taboryski

ECTS credits

5 - 30


MSc thesis, Special course

MSc in Physics and Nanotechnology


Rafael J. Taboryski

ECTS credits

5 - 30


MSc thesis, Special course

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