Microfabrication of stamps for hot punching of biodegradable microcontainers for oral drug delivery




Greater Copenhagen area

Motivation and application domain

The classical dosage form for oral drug delivery is macro-sized tablets. Typically, these tablets disintegrate in the intestine and the drug is released into the intestinal fluid. A substantial amount of the drug is flushed through the system and never reaches the intestinal mucosa which is the actual location for drug absorption. We develop new microdevices for drug delivery in the intestine. Small microcontainers with dimensions in the order of 100-500 µm are supposed to attach to the intestine wall and deliver the drug directly to the mucosa (

General objectives and main activities

The overall aim of this project is to continue our research on fabrication of microcontainers with biodegradable polymers by a modified hot embossing process called “hot punching”. The particular focus of the project will be the development of novel methods for fabrication of stamps for the patterning of the biopolymers in the cleanroom of DTU Danchip. This will be achieved through photolithography combined by electroplating or other replication methods. The fabricated stamps will be applied for the actual fabrication of the microcontainers and the final devices will be characterized using scanning electron microscopy and profilometry.

Training Objectives  

The student will be trained in:

-      Cleanroom processing (photolithography, etching, electroplating)

-      Polymer microfabrication (Spin coating, spray coating, hot embossing)

-      Material characterization (SEM, profilometry)

-      General experimental practice (planning, execution and documentation of experiments)

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DTU Nanolab


Stephan Sylvest Keller




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BSc in Physics and Nanotechnology


Stephan Sylvest Keller

ECTS credits

10 - 35


BSc project, MSc thesis, Special course

MSc in Physics and Nanotechnology


Stephan Sylvest Keller

ECTS credits

10 - 35


BSc project, MSc thesis, Special course

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