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In the election for president in the USA in 2000, George W. Bush won the state of Florida with just 537 votes to Al Gore. The winner of the state of Florida would also win the entire election for president, at least if it was either George W. Bush og Al Gore that won. The election included a technique where one puched holes in the voting ballot, and much debate over this technique resultet in demands to recount the votes. This was ultimately turned down by the US supreme court, and George W. Bush was subsequently declared as the winner of the Florida election as a result of the supreme court ruling. This project is concerned with establishing if there is any evidence that the punchhole procedure may have had an impact on the results. The aims of the project is to establish which kind of mistakes (if any) the technique could cause, how one could measure an impact of such mistakes, and an analysis where a possible impact is investigated.

The project is offered at DTU Compute, section for Statistics and Data Analysis. At DTU Statistics and Data Analysis,
one of the main areas of expertise is mathematical modelling of practical problems and real-life situations, and the proces of extracting information from such situations. The student will get a first taste of how such things are done, or may be done through the project work.


basic analysis programming (R, Matlab Python etc)

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DTU Compute


Anders Stockmarr




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BSc in Mathematics and Technology


Anders Stockmarr

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5 - 10


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02402 Introduction to Statistics or similar

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