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Reefer containers are used for transport of goods and other commodities all over the world. Lodam delivers the electronic control system for the Star Cool reefer unit, and the complete Star Cool reefer container is produced by Maersk Container Industry. The refrigeration system in a reefer container operates in harsh environments, mainly at sea. However, sometimes it also operates in areas very far from the coastline. It operates in a very broad temperature range, from loading of fruits in very hot areas, to unloading in very cold areas, where the cargo destination might be.

A big concern in the industry, is early detection of errors on the system. On board maintenance is difficult, and components are rarely available, so detection of errors prior to loading the ship, is crucial. Early-stage investigations, carried out at Lodam, have shown that the power consumption and current use, can be used for monitoring of system performance. The idea is, that these signals can be disaggregated, and applied for error detection and classification. 

Project description
The projects aim is to conceptualize a system, that analyzes and classifies errors, using the power and current consumption of the individual refrigeration containers, combined with the control signals for the system. The choice of method is up to the student group, and Lodam will provide tons of data, that can be used for analysis and verification. Furthermore, static models of the power consumption are available.

A small note, is that the power-module transmits the measurements over a bus, which is also used for other communication, so a packet-loss is to be considered in the design of the algorithm. If this is done through data-reconstruction or by simply being robust to missing data, is for you to decide.

Lodam electronics a/s will provide lab facilities (consisting of two real refrigeration containers) for testing purposes of the algorithm. We deem it important that you come to Sønderborg and see our facilities, all expenses paid.

Further information Please contact Kresten K. Sørensen either by e-mail: or by phone: +45 73 42 37 37.


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