Heat pumps integrated at Amagerværkets new biomass fired unit 4




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At Amagerværket power station HOFOR is erecting a new CHP plant, AMV4, based on sustainable woodchips. This is part of Copenhagen municipality and HOFORs ambition to be able to deliver CO2 neutral district heating at a relative low cost and with high security of supply. The new unit is expected to be ready for operation in spring 2019 and will have a nominal fuel capacity at 500 MW, power production of 150 MW and heat production of 400 MJ/s.

AMV4 will be equipped with a CFB boiler, a backpressure turbine with bypass, DeNOx-unit, bagfilter, fluegas condensing, water treatment for the flue gas condensate and 2 closed storages for the biomass.

At the unit, there will be a lot of equipment, which demands cooling. These components are planned to be cooled with sea water. Alternatively, heat pumps could be used to utilize the excess heat from these components, and perhaps also the excess heat from the flue gas condensate after the district heating heat exchanger. At present, there are no plans for including heat pumps at AMV4 for these purposes. This is because the highest priority at the moment is to be ready for commercial operation on time, and gain the advantage of cheaper green district heating as fast as possible. But it might be interesting to integrate heat pumps afterwards, to improve the energy efficiency of the plant even further.

To evaluate if there is an interesting business case in integrating heat pups in the power plant process at AMV4, one cold:

-evaluate different sources of excess heat, e.g. from flue gas condensate, generator, transformers, lubricating oil etc.

-evaluate different types of heat pumps that might be suitable for utilising the excess heat

-evaluate different layouts for process integration of heat pumps

-make process calculations for different layouts

-evaluate the rules regarding taxes on electricity in heat- and power production and possibilities for tax exemption

-set up business case evaluations and compare different solutions

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