Piston ring lubrication theory and experiment




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A test rig at DTU-Mechanical Engineering has been modified so that oil film thickness can be measured with laser induced fluorescence (LIF). In a two-stroke diesel engine the lubricating oil for the cylinder is injected through the cylinder liner. After injection the piston rings distribute the oil along the liner surface. The lube oil is expensive and it is important to ensure that the injected oil is utilized optimally. If the lube oil accumulates at one end of the liner this indicates that the oil is injected in an in-appropriate manner. 

A numerical model accounting for ring shape, pressure drop across rings, injected amount of oil etc. is used to study the oil distribution.The test rig is used to very the theoretical/numerical findings.

Industrial partner: MAN Diesel and Turbo.

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MAN Diesel and Turbo


Required background 41524 Tribology

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DTU Mekanik


Peder Klit




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MSc in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Peder Klit

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30 - 35


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