Slug flow µ-reactors for two-liquid phase biocatalysis




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In biocatalytic reaction it is often favorable to have reaction conditions, where two different fluid dynamic phases are in contact with each other. This might for instance be a water-based phase holding the water soluble fractions of reaction components like enzymes, while another phase is insoluble in water and containing the other substrates of the reaction. _x000D_ _x000D_ Very often a so called slug flow reactor is used in minaturized approaches, where the different phases are introduced with help of continious flowrates resulting in a segmented flow of different phases. _x000D_ Comlex flow fields are obtained with intensive secondary flows, resulting in good mixing (see for example Taha and Cui, 2006, CFD modelling of slug flow inside square capillaries, Chemical Engineering Science, 61, 665-675)._x000D_ _x000D_ Using minaturized slug flow reactors for biocatalytic reactions gain more and more importance since it is possible to separate water based active components from substrates dissolved in more aggressive environments, which would inhibit or destroy the acitve sites of the biocatalysts. Furthermore the different phases can also be used to apply liquid liquid extraction from products and to influence in this way the thermodynamic equilibrium._x000D_ _x000D_ The proposed project wil perform a proof of concept investigation in which the performance of a slug flow reactor is investigated by using a transaminase based reaction producing methylbenzylamine (MBA) an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

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Ulrich Krühne

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