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ROCKWOOL products are produced by mixing stone wool fibers with glue in droplet form in a process chamber. The droplets are introduced near the rotating surface that spins the fibers, to facilitate an even coverage on the final product. However, the proximity to the spinning surface does pose a risk to the process, since the droplets negatively impact the spinning process if they get in contact with the spinning surface.

The goal of the project is to analyse the turbulent flow and the droplet trajectories near the spinning surface and, based on an analysis of the flows, investigate measures to reduce the droplet / surface impact probability.

The project tasks are as follows:
  1. Build a CFD model of the spinning wheel with a particle model to account for the droplets and fibers.
  2. 2) Analyse the current design to identify mechanisms for droplet / surface impacts.
  3. Design and test changes to the process to reduce the droplet / surface impact probability.

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