Electrochemical reduction of NOx with a novel tri-functional cathode




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In order to reduce the amount of pollutants from i.e. diesel cars several techniques are under development. One of them is an electrochemical reactor, based on an oxide ionic conductor, where pollutants like nitrogen oxides can be removed by reducing the nitrogen oxides at the cathode to harmless nitrogen and oxygen are formed at the anode.

The major problem with electrochemical reduction of nitrogen oxides is a high power consumption due to simultaneously reduction of oxygen at the cathode. To overcome this alkaline earth nitrates (a storage compound) can be added to the cathode by wet infiltration. In this project the effect of adding alkaline earth nitrates will be studied.

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DTU Energi


Kent Kammer Hansen




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MSc Eng in Applied Chemistry


Kent Kammer Hansen

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5 - 30


Final project, BSc project, MSc thesis, Special course

Technical University of Denmark

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