Modelling of sediment transport in combined sewer systems in dry & wet weather periods




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This project is offered in collaboration with Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT), Spain.


Currently, we are good at modelling the movement of water in urban drainage systems, but we are still lacking the ability to model the transportation and sedimentation of the particles in water with sufficient accuracy. Particles carry a large part of the pollution that ends up in the environment when there are overflows from the system and particles that sediment in the pipes can reduce the hydraulic capacity and cause system failure. It is therefore important to be able to model particle transportation and sedimentation, and this project is about testing and developing methods for doing this.


Case and data

Murcia is a city with more than 400 thousand inhabitants located at the southeast of Spain. Its drainage system is a combined sewer system in which several spill weirs are designed to avoid/reduce flooding during storm events. However the spilled water ends up in the river. It is quite important to know the pollutants which are being transported into the environment.


This is being analysed through turbidity measurements [1-2], which can be used to assess the environmental impacts and therefore optimise (economically/environmentally) the sizing of storm tanks etc. On the other hand, improving the knowledge of solid particles transport [3] in the sewer system can allow optimising its design and its maintenance. In this project, you will be able to work with a SWMM model of Murcia's sewer system and with good experimental data that has already been collected.


This Master Thesis can be combined (if wished) with a traineeship at Cartagena's Technical University (UPCT) for visiting in sito the hydraulic infrastructure involved.


It may be convenient for the student to know either MIKE URBAN or SWMM and MATLAB/Octave/Python or a similar platform.




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A previous related Master's Thesis (in Spanish) (references are in page



Spanish Co-supervisor: Either Antonio Vigueras-Rodríguez or Juan T.

García Bermejo.


In collaboration with

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT), Spain

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