Growth and feeding behaviour of invasive oyster drill in the limfjorden




North Jutland

The Japanese oyster drill, Ocinebrellus inornatus is a predatory gastropod feeding principally on oyster Crassostrea gigas. Since 2006-2010, the invasive Japanese oyster drill has been reported in the Limfjorden. It has been observed that the snail can predate on both invasive and native bivalve species. Little is known about the snail biology, feeding and reproduction strategy in DK. As it is a potential threat to the native oyster and mussel beds, the objectives of this project are

The two objectives of this project are: 1) to experimentally determine the food preference (different size) and predation pressure of the oyster drill given the choice of invasive and native bivalve species; 2) to study the snail population age structure using the statolith structure of snails hatched in the laboratory and collected in different areas of the Limfjorden in 2018.

The outputs of this project will provide new insights into the status of the oyster drill population and the potential impact on wild and invasive bivalve populations in the Limfjorden, as well as input for future sustainable ecosystem-based fisheries management.

In collaboration with

Henrik Glenner, Jørgen Lützen

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Camille Saurel

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