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Hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water is one of the most effective ways to obtain renewable energy storage. It can be further used directly in the refueling of the fuel cell vehicles or, for example, in the methanization of CO2 through the Sabatier-Process (methane production). However, performance/price of currently available commercial solutions has a way for improvement and intermediate temperature operation is seen as an attractive solution. 

At the Proton Conductors Section of DTU Energy development of an intermediate temperature (200-400 °C) electrolyzers with immobilized molten salt (or ionic liquid) electrolyte and non-noble catalysts is taking place. The idea is based on the experimental results, recently obtained by the Proton Conductors Section at DTU Energy with the molten salt electrolyte. It was discovered that a non-noble catalyst could finally substitute platinum for the hydrogen evolution reaction in this electrolyte, which attracts further intensive research in the field. The present project is aimed at the development of such electrolyzer to obtain a commercially competitive technology.

The student is going to test the available electrolyser, which has recently been build at our department. The work will be concentrated on the component tests as well as the electrochemical and physico-chemical characterisation (polarisation scan, impedance, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray analysis).


Knowledge of electrochemistry would be an advantage

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