Synthesis and dispersion of nanoparticles for use in gas adsorption




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Biogas will be a key resource in the transition to a sustainable energy system in Denmark as well as other countries with a high agricultural output. To meet the standards for injection into the gas grid, biogas, produced during anaerobic digestion from farms, can be upgraded by removal of CO2 in pressure swing adsorption (PSA). This upgrading step can account for 50% of the raw biogas production costs. Especially for the small size PSA units, current technology is prohibitively expensive.

The aim of the project is to synthesis, disperse (and finally structure or shape) nanoparticles  of specific adsorbent materials (Zeolites, MOFs) to improve the performance of gas adsorption devices. The main focus of this project is the synthesis and/or fabrication of adsorbent materials in the nanoscale and the stabilization of these particles in colloidal suspension. Stable nanodispersion are needed for the fabrication of specific structures, for example nanofibers made  by electrospinning, that have the potential of increasing active surface area, facilitating fast absorption/desorption and improving mass transport.

You will work closely together with a supervisor team with expertise in colloidal science, ceramic processing and electrospinning. An exchange visit is planned via an Erasmus grant.

In collaboration with

Simge Cinar, Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey


Interest in colloidal science or ceramic processing. Background and bachelor in natural science or engineering, such as chemistry, chemical engineering, materials & manufacturing or similar.

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