Respiration of fish tissues; dependency of tissue lipid composition




North Jutland

Highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs) are essential in the diet of carnivorous fishes such as rainbow trout. Rate of uptake and metabolism can be manipulated through changes in exercise regime and dietary content. In mammals and terrestrial ectotherms, the HUFA content in the cellular membranes determines increases the resting metabolic rate due to an increase in membrane fluidity, while in fish the opposite appears to be the case. The purpose of this project is to determine how tissue lipid composition affect the metabolism of fish tissues and the underlying mechanism that are responsible. The experiments should enable the student to set up a mass balance for the energy expenditure in fish with different fatty acid profiles, including retention and oxidation of macronutrient intake under different rearing conditions or dietary regimes.

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DTU Aqua


Peter Vilhelm Skov




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MSc in Aquatic Science and Technology


Peter Vilhelm Skov


Ivar Lund

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