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Heat pumps can constitute a good solution for improving a plants efficiency, by using excess heat at a temperature level above the ambient temperature and a relatively small amount of technical work, to cover a heat demand on a higher temperature level. Thus, the emittance of heat to the environment decreases and the heat demand at the high temperature level can be satisfied by using only a small amount of work.  Altogether, heat pumps can be used to improve the efficiency of existing plants.

State of the art heat pump technology can cover the heating demand at temperature levels of up to 100°C, whereas the current development of the energy market and policies as well as technological advances make heat pumps operating on a higher temperature levels attractive for industrial applications.

The project will focus on analyzing high temperature heat pumps by addressing some of the following points:

  • Market analysis and prospects of high temperature heat pumps
    • Identification of possible applications and finding of appropriate heat sink and source
    • Estimation of the potential of high temperature heat pump technologies
  • Analysis of state of the art technology
  • Identification of the limiting parameters and components
    • Comparison and evaluation of different equipment w.r.t. high temperature applications
  • Development of possible technical solutions
  • Analysis of possible working fluids (Conventional refrigerants, natural working fluids, mixtures, …)
    • Comparison and evaluation
  • Analysis of advanced cycle arrangements
  • Modelling on system level
    • Energy/exergy analysis
  • Outlook of possible achievements (COP, …)
  • Feasibility study of integrating high temperature heat pumps in (industrial) plants
    • Economic/ technoeconomic analysis
    • Technical and operational evaluation of the processes

The specific focus of the project can be discussed and any suggestions are very welcome. The candidate will be supervised and supported by members of the Section for Thermal Energy. It will be also possible to arrange a collaboration with a heat pump supplier if required. 

The scope of the course can be adjusted to e.g. a specialization course.

For questions please contact Benjamin Zühlsdorf (  


Background in Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering

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