Prototyping a new fluorescence microscope for long-term imaging of living specimens




Greater Copenhagen area

This project aims to provide a ‘proof-of-concept’ for a new type of fluorescence microscope tailored to capture dynamics in living bacterial biofilms. More specifically, we will build and test a microscope, which relies on a new pattern-based illumination/scanning scheme. Hence, the project focuses primarily on hardware/software development. 

Ideally, two M.Sc.-students will work on the project in parallel, starting January/February 2019 (Lyngby Campus). One student will implement instrument control using LabVIEW. The other student will work with hardware assembly using SOLIDWORKS and off-the-shelf optics. The two students will collaborate on data-simulation (MATLAB) and data-acquisition from a test-sample.

While the project requires a high level of collaboration/coordination between the two students, each student must submit an individual report (full thesis). If a single M.Sc.-student feels ready to tackle the whole project alone, then I am happy to discuss this option.

The project is generously supported by a grant from ‘Direktør, Dr. Techn. A.N. Neergaard og Hustrus Fond’.

Required qualifications:

- Required: Mathematical simulation (image analysis) in MATLAB

- Recommended: Programming (instrument control) in LabVIEW

- Recommended: 3D-CAD in SOLIDWORKS

- Recommended: Basic optics

- Recommended: Basic electronics

- Recommended: A conceptual understanding of Fourier theory

Allowed no of students per report: 1 (each student must submit an individual report)

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