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Would you like to make a difference in the world of cookies and cakes? And learn about industrial production of cookies on high end machines?

We need you to help us learn how different dough parameters and composition impact the baking of cookies and how best to optimize our ovens.

The ideal output will be a cookie model where it will be possible to obtain an energy or speed optimized baking profile.

The Project

Cookie production is following a growing middleclass and the demand is increasing. Cookie producers are demanding better ovens, higher capacity, hygienic design, faster start-up, higher quality and more.

Designing the right size of oven for a certain type of cookie/cake can be something of a challenge. Having a mathematical model would help choosing the right baking profile and the requirements for the oven.

The dough plays a huge role. Dough consists of water, flour, sugar, fat and minor components. Flour varies depending on origin and can vary considerably from region to region.


We would like you to determine how baking is impacted by different parameters such as:

·         Heating profile (convection, radiation, transmission, temperature, etc.)

·         Impact of moisture in the oven chamber

·         Impact of dough composition

The output of the project can be cookie baking model that as input takes:

·         cookie composition

·         various process parameters

We offer you

The chance to work with industrial cookie production using the number one brand in the business.

In Skovlunde, Denmark we have to full baking lines for cookie and cracker test production.

At DTU you will have access to various ovens, modelling tools, and laboratories.

You are …

A masters student looking for a masters project. You have a background within food technology and/or chemical engineering. And, you just love cookies. :-) You also happen to be pretty good with mathematical modelling and don't mind doing laboratory work to obtain your parameters for your model.

Would you like to know more?

You are very welcome to contact Assistant Professor Aberham Hailu Feyissa at National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, building 227 room 140. E-mail: Telephone: +45 45 25 27 72. 

About Bühler

In Late 2017 Bühler acquired Haas-Meincke in Skovlunde. Meincke produces complete high-end cookie baking lines including highly specialized dough forming machinery and ovens. Bühler has continuous focus on R&D and university cooperation paving the way for high end machines and future employment possibilities.

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Aberham Hailu Feyissa


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Aberham Hailu Feyissa


MSc thesis

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