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As part of the product development, R&D has created a significant number of 3D models for components, sub-assemblies and assembled products which create the basis for the bulk of our 2D documentation being communicated to suppliers and customers. Some of the next steps involve offering Danisense 3D models to distributors, system integrators, end-users etc. to facilitate their design-in in future systems where we need to come-up with the right strategy for leveraging our R&D efforts in this area. Furthermore, with the advent of VR, AR and mixed reality, we can now see also opportunities for facilitating manufacturing, service, installation and commissioning of systems with Danisense product, where we also believe we could take advantage of the already developed 3D models and information in our systems.



Ideally, you start by investigating the newest trends within 3D modelling and its use in VR, AR and MR applications showcased by major companies. You analyze Danisense approach to manufacturing, selling goods and supporting customers from inside and by interviewing internal customers (e.g. Production) and external customers you come up with few potential and alternative applications of our legacy 3D product models. You will describe, organize, pitch to Management Team and implement 1-2 pilot projects to showcase the technology and present it for stakeholders.


University students in their final semester, having the necessary knowledge in 3D modelling (preferably Solidworks) and interest in putting this knowledge in use within the areas of VR, AR and MR.

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